What is Qflow and what is it for?

Qflow is a BPM system to create, automate and manage workflows to make your organization processes more efficient. Every organization uses, implicitly or explicitly, processes to carry out their activities. A simple example of a process is the one used in many businesses:

  1. The customer enters the business.
  2. An employee serves them.
  3. The customer decides to buy a product.
  4. The employee who served them tells them to stop by the cash register to pay for the product.
  5. The employee who served the customer takes the product to a counter in which the selected product will be delivered to the customer.
  6. The customer goes to the checkout and pays for the product. At the checkout they give them a receipt.
  7. The customer presents the receipt at the counter, where they receive the product they bought and the invoice.

The process described is very simple and every activity that it is composed of is carried out by human beings. Usually, organizations have more complex processes that include, apart from the activities that human beings do, activities that are carried out by IT tools. They also tend to handle more information and to include activities that, even if they are carried out by people, they can be sped up by means of IT tools. Qflow is a tool that executes those processes in a more efficient way by automating some activities and various aspects related to the interactions between its participants.

For example, if a process establishes deadlines for a task, Qflow can control that said deadlines are met using alerts and reminders. If a process establishes that, in a specific moment notifications must be sent to certain people, Qflow can send those notifications automatically. It can also interact with other IT tools used by the organization.

To see an example of the expenditure authorization process, you can see our documentation: Expenditure authorization example