How can I start using Qflow cloud?

To start using Qflow cloud, make sure you have created your workspace following the steps in Where can I create my workspace?

Once you have your own workspace, you can access to:

** WSName = Workspace simplified name

We have created personalized URLs for your workspace based on the name you created it with. These URLs contain a simplified version of your workspace name, ignoring spaces or strange characters not accepted by browsers. For example, if your workspace name is ‘My 1° Qflow’, the simplified name will be: ‘my1qflow’. Therefore, Qflow url will be:

If you want to learn more about what you can do with Qflow tools, you can read the following document: Introduction to Qflow tools

Then, you can start with this videotutorial about how to create a two-stage approval process (Q-flow BPM Tutorial - Designing a two-stage approval process – Step 1 - YouTube) or following this tutorial to Create your first process

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